"Best Day We Ever Had" Music Promo

26 Jul 2008

"A newsreader announces the end of the world. The human race accepts its fate and finally finds peace. But is that really a meteor heading for Earth, or could it be something else?"

We have just completed our first fully animated music video for the song "Best Day We Ever Had" by talented singer/storyteller Sam Roman. The video chiefly uses traditional 2D animation, but with an added blend of special effects and composited layers. The video draws on a 1950s comic book style and the science fiction films of the era. See how many references you can spot!

Sam Roman is a soul singer who is about to release his second EP, entitled "Singer/Storyteller". He has performed alongside Jamelia and Lemar, and also supported funk legend, Don Blackman to a sell out crowd at the Jazz Café.

You can check out Ian Lumsden's review of the video at the Animation Blog.