Film Review: Mary and Max

11 Oct 2009

Warning: This post contains strong instances of hyperbole, and shouldn’t be read by the weak, the infirm, or anyone without the opportunity to immediately buy and watch the film in question.

Storytelling goes back to the very origin of our species, yet never has a story been told so wonderfully or so poignantly as Adam Elliot’s ‘Mary and Max.’

The film is a triumph. The first line has you laughing; the last has you weeping. The fact that it wasn’t even nominated for an Oscar is the reason why you will find me boycotting the awards and throwing eggs at any members of the Academy who happen to cross my path (a surprisingly rare event here in in Harpenden).

Mary is a small lonely child in Australia with an alcoholic Mother, a largely absent Father and a birthmark the colour of poo. She strikes up a friendship with Max, an asbergers sufferer in New York whose main concerns are a failure to understand facial expressions, litter and the recipe for chocolate hot dogs.

I can’t do justice to this film with a summary of the events in it, because it’s so much more than that. It’s a truly beautiful story with characters that you cannot help but love. I’ll give you the link, go any buy it, spread the word.

A true example of the power of animation.