Jumping Out A Plane...For Africa!

27 Jul 2009

Three blog posts in a little over a week...we are quite proud of ourselves! This time we want to tell you how in one months time we will both be jumping out of a plane 15,000 feet up to raise money for a local charity Harpenden Spotlight On Africa.

The charity aims to link the people of Harpenden with communities in sub-Saharan Africa to support local initiatives to alleviate poverty.

We spend last Sunday morning at Harpenden Farmers Market rattling our tins and raising as much awareness as possible on the HSOA stall - see the photo above!

You can read our story at the St Alban's Review's website "Harpenden Couple Take To The Skies For African Charity"!

If you would like to sponsor us (please do!) at our Just Giving page: Jump4Africa

Dark Blues Music

21 Jul 2009

This is just a short post but we have just started work for a band called The Dark Blues. Their music style is eclectic; covering Jazz, Blues, Soul, Pop and Rock and Roll. They have been performing for over 25 years and play charity balls, weddings, birthdays and have even performed at Royal Family parties!

If you can still like a song after listening to it all day for two weeks it must be pretty good - as we found with The Dark Blues' version of Respect! Check it out below, and if you like what you hear, check out their You Tube channel.

More coming soon!

Slurpy Jump 4 Africa

18 Jul 2009

Only a few short years ago, my partner Aaron and I jumped in to the world of business by starting up an animation and web design company called Slurpy Studios. After the success of that venture, coupled with a few suicidal tendencies and a good cause, we decided to make another jump, this time out of an aeroplane at 15,000 ft.

We first heard of Harpenden Spotlight on Africa during a BNI meeting, where we go on a weekly basis to promote our studio and to network with other local businesses. Every gets the opportunity to tell the group exactly what it is that they’re looking for, and on this one occasion, a gentleman by the name of Robin Nesbitt (who was representing the charity) stood up and asked if anyone knew someone who might be insane enough to jump out of a plane and hurtle towards the earth with nothing but a thin nylon cloth between life, and a very sticky mess.

Aaron and I looked at one another, grinned, and agreed instantly. We were insane enough.

Harpenden Spotlight on Africa is a truly wonderful charity. I’ve lived in Harpenden for most of my life, but on my occasional forays into less privileged parts of the world; Argentina, Morocco and Romania in particular, I’ve felt an overwhelming guilt at the lucky chance of my being born in such a place. Harpenden has so much, and Africa has so little. We are proud to be able to do something that will help.

And it will help. HSOA has already built a school, so that the children of Musoto (in Uganda) will educate themselves out of poverty. The charity now wants to build a well, and to establish small businesses in the town so that the people will not have to rely on charity or handouts forever.

We are trying to earn £2,000 with this jump. £2,000 will give so many people the chance at life that we take for granted. It will give them the opportunity to drink without fear, to learn and grow, to live rather than just survive.

Please donate anything that you can, thank you