Joanna Quinn's favourite films

17 Nov 2009

I love Joanna Quinn. From the feminist rap of Beryl to the Colonial rant of Britannia, I think that she is a a fantastic animator, and a fantastic film maker.

At Bradford, not only did they have an entire exhibition dedicated to her work (Drawings that Move), but she was also on the jury, allowed herself to be bombarded by student portfolios at 'Speed date the animators' and curated a screening of her favourite films.

Now personally I don't think that they were her favourite films. I think that she liked them, but I think that perhaps she used the opportunity to provide an education on important films that students should see. The list read practically as Animation 101, so I felt that I should pass on this list (with links where possible) as homework for any aspiring animators out there.

2 Sisters - Caroline Leaf
An incredible film, scratched directly on to 70mm film

Hill Farm - Mark Baker
Funny and poignant, try to find a better quality version than this

Your Face - Bill Plympton
Hilarious. The man is one hell of a caricaturist!

Who I Am and What I Want - David Shrigley / Chris Shepard
Psychopathic, but in the best way possible

Reci, Reci, Reci - Michaela Pavlatova
A surprise entry but a great film

Alternative Fringe - Candy Guard
Candy perfectly encapsulates the female experience

Un Jour - Marie Paccou
One day a man entered my belly

Flux - Christopher Hinton
Just plain manic

Egoli - Karen Kelly

The Man With the Beautiful Eyes - Jonathan Hodgson
Based on Charles Bukowski's poem

Swinging the Lambeth Walk - Len Lye
Fantasia style musical interpretation

King Sized Canary - Tex Avery
Because there had to be a Tex Avery one somewhere on the list!

So there you go animation lovers, that's Joanna Quinn's list of her favourite films, a veritable treasure trove of delights!

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