Web design competition - win $10,000

5 Apr 2010

Weebly are offering $13,000 in prizes ($10,000 1st place, $2,000 2nd place, $1,000 third place) for the best submitted themes. Sounds like a pretty good competition to me - you don't even have to slice and dice the design yourself, just submit the .psd.

Of course, they can use all of the designs submitted, so it's a good deal for them too, but it's still a great opportunity for any web designers out there! They also have a fairly impressive list of experts judging the competition, and will give credit on the designs so everyone should get a little something out of it.


Web Design Loughborough said...

This sounds like a very interesting competition. The prizes are impressive but it's a bit of a shame that there are only three. It's a great deal for them, if they are able to use all of the designs submitted. Thinking about that, it is a superb idea from their point of view.

Vancouver Web Company said...

This is good opportunities for the freshers to prove themselves and their work in the designing industry You are doing a good job by organizing this competition.

Felix Stendahl said...

That's you can expect from a renowned website like Weebly. The first placer was Designer Michael Heald, followed by Evaldas Vaitkus and Frederick Rosales for third place - though, the competition was tough, everyone did their best. The judges made the right decision to crown Michael Heald - his site is entitled "In Touch with Nature - as the winner.