Website review: Caloo Fitness

8 Jan 2011

Another website finished, another happy customer :)

Caloo Fitness are a Hertfordshire based Company who provide outdoor fitness and gym equipment. They approached us to design, build optimise their new site, which was to be bright, memorable and to reflect their product and company ethos.

The first thing we did in this instance was to pick a strong colour scheme that we felt really represented the company and product. Once we had that, a lot of the rest of the design fell in to place quite quickly. This was followed by the wireframe and final design. We always offer unlimited tweaks on all our designs, because we have no intention of ever letting a Client end up with a site that they're not delighted with, but in this instance there weren't any!

The concept for the design was 'serious about playing,' and we captured that through the unusual and fun layout, tempered by an easy to use navigation system and intuitive structure.

This site is to be the central hub of the campaign we're working on with Caloo, consisting of social media (blog, twitter, youtube), newsletters, and SEO. It's been very gratifying seeing the wonderful results that the new website has already created, and it's wonderful to work with a company who are so ready to listen to the advice of their web designers and take time to make social networking work really well for them

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