Bradford Animation Festival

15 Nov 2010

This years BAF has been a hugely enjoyable event, filled with great films, passionate debates and really quite excellent curry. Congratulations yet again to Deb Singleton and the team for putting on an event that showcased the extraordinary abilities, artistic invention and downright surreal imaginations that make up the animation industry.

I’ve been asked to write a festival review for next month’s AsifaUK, so I wont go in to depth here, but will leave you with a few of my favourite films (or, the ones I liked that weren’t too hard to find on youtube).

Hope to see you at next years BAF, and if I do, mine’s an apple and mango J20 (hardcore I know)

The Little Boy and the Beast by Johannes Weiland and Uwe Heidschöetter
Stunning film, manages to be both funny and poignant

Out on the Tiles by Anna Pearson
Hahahahaaaaaa. Joanna Quinn's sense of humour, early Aardman style animation

Stanley Pickle by Victoria Mather
Best bit of pixilation I've seen in many a long year!

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